Pastor Marino Mendez is a visionary man with an evangelistic fervor that allows him to share the gospel without fear. He has reached thousands of people in his country with the gospel and has raised an army of laborers for the Kingdom within his own family and community. Where there is only poverty, Marino sees a 3 story school, a church of 250, a community library, bakery, technical school, and it appears by the grace of God. Ellen has been working with Pastor Marino since 1989, ASON since its inception.

National's Vision

To establish the church in Los Guaricanos; recruit and train leadership, put the church in the community through a bakery, technical school for children, cooking school for adults in Los Guaricanos, Christian basic education school for pre-school through 12th grade, and provision of housing for those who have substandard housing.
To plant and develop churches in outlying rural areas and to minister to the physical needs of these communities through establishing technical schools, etc.

How ASON is Assisting:

  1. Mission Teams to help with construction and children’s ministries
  2. Construction of 5 classrooms for technical school
  3. Purchase of an electrical plant that provides electricity 24/7 to the entire campus, three multi-story buildings
  4. Assistance in purchase and renovation of building #3, changing an auto maintenance garage into a fine bakery which is now self sustaining.
  5. Assistance in construction of building #1
  6. Funding for special needs – such as multi-media room, fans, desks and chairs for school and technical school
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