Peter Awane has been a believer for more than 25 years. He spent 18 years translating the Old Testament into his native FraFra language. In 2008 the first translated versions of the Old Testament were in the hands of the FraFra people. Peter is a church planter who runs a ministry which includes a church and school for children of prostitutes and HIV/AIDS patients.

National's Vision

Peter has an NGO called JoyCom. JoyCom's mission is to reach and disciple people for Christ by preaching, radio ministry, drama and musical productions.  Peter has written music for several music videos that his wife, Comfort, has produced.  She is very gifted in drama and musical productions.  During national elections several years ago, both political parties aired her music video on national television as part of their campaigns!  The music video focused on wars around the world, and presented Jesus as the means to peace!  Peter has 5 acres which he desires to use for the development of his people. He wants to focus on Christian education that will provide a good living for all ages and ASON intends to help him as God allows through people like you.


How ASON is Assisting:

ASON helped to rescue thousands of Frafra Bibles which Peter is now distributing.

· We are conducting annual Pastor’s Conferences each Fall for the encouragement of pastor’s in Peter’s remote area of Ghana.
· We started to develop a market for the baskets that Peter’s people are weaving, world famous Bolga Baskets. You can purchase them on our website. Read about the Bolga project and watch the video. (hyperlink to;feature=context-cha))

· We have a site plan for a 5 acre development project which will provide education in a solid Christian environment for all ages, both academic and technical. It is on this project that we are currently working with great energy. The church/preschool building and the elementary school were built by ASON in past years. To these we will add a number of new buildings. Check out the video for details! (hyerlink to;feature=plcp).

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