Ellen met Vinod in 2004 on her second trip to India. Vinod was the founding director of a ministry complex in India that has become a model campus for the 29 states of India. Vinod is currently pastoring a Methodist Church and has a vision for establishing his own ministry complex in his home state. He wants to establish an English school that he believes will allow his ministry complex to be self sustaining within 2-3 years. His complex would specialize in training people in worship music indigenous to India. Vinod wants to come to RTS to study for his D. Min. as soon as possible. We assisted Vinod in attending a training session through Haggai Institute in Singapore recently and hope to assist him with his D. Min pursuit. He is a faithful servant with a beautiful family inside and out.

National's Vision

To establish a self-sustaining center in India, complete with English school and training center for indigenous worship styles. Sending church planters to reach people with the gospel.

How ASON is Assisting:

  • Sent Vinod to training in Singapore through Haggai Institute
  • Visits for encouragement
  • Discussion re. D.Min studies RTS
  • Hope to raise funds of $300 monthly so he can embark on his dream
  • Hope to raise funds to help him rent or purchase a potential training center building.
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