Over the course of 20 years, one of our national partners, Peter, helped to translate the Old Testament into the Farfare language, in partnership with Wycliffe Bible Translators and their partners in Ghana.

Earlier this week he found out that 12,000 Farfare Bibles in a warehouse in Accra (the capital city) are in danger of being destroyed or lost, because the warehouse is being closed on Sep 1. We did some investigation and sent Peter to Accra immediately to check on the situation. He e-mailed today, and as it turns out, if he had not gone to Accra all the Bibles would have been lost. It was a divine appointment. He has negotiated with the people who own the warehouse to preserve the Bibles until Sep 20, at which time we will purchase as many as we have funds to buy.

The cost of each Bible has been quoted to us at just under $2 each.

The wise way to distribute Bibles in Ghana is not to give them away, because they will not be valued enough. Instead, you sell them at a cost the local people can afford. So, the plan is to purchase as many Farfare Bibles as we can with money collected in the next 18 days and then to have Peter sell the Bibles at $4 each (the going rate) and use the proceeds for ministry.

This means that for every $2 you donate to rescue Farfare Bibles, $4 will be recovered for use in a ministry to orphans and semi-orphans in northern Ghana AND the Farfare Bibles will be distributed to the people. Peter says he gets requests for Bibles daily. He will spread the word that the Bibles are available through the radio station he runs.


Will you take advantage of this opportunity? Please send as generous a gift as you can. The Bibles that we are not able to purchase and rescue will be destroyed!
You can donate directly through our Facebook Causes page at this link:
For the sake of the people of Ghana!

Ellen Abramson

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