Karuna (Compassion) Ministries

Northern India

National - Vinod

· 12 Church Planters and leaders working with Vinod
· Mother Church
· Theological Training School
· Preparatory School
· Need 10 acres of land for high school, technical school and office central

Adonai Development Ministries (In the DR “Mano a mano con Adonai”)

National – Marino Mendez

· Christian school (preschool through high school)
· Water Purification Plant
· Bakery and Baking/Cooking School
· Technical School with a dozen areas of study
· Medical Clinic for Children
· Small Loan Program for the Community
· Small Business Startup Program in Development
· Church Planting

Ghana, W Africa


National – Peter Awane

· 5 acre development project
· Preschool
· Elementary School
· Mother Church
· Church Planting and Evangelism in Frafra Tribes
· 2 wells for 5 acre development complete
· Elementary bathrooms, complete
· Junior High School, partially complete
· Junior High bathroom facility, next to build, $40k required
· Guest House 2nd to build
· Pastor Study Center 3rd to build
· Basket Weaving Shop and Market Project (On site plan)
· Junior High (Partially complete...)
· Technical School Classrooms (On site plan)
· Several shops for technical training (On site plan)
· Store for selling products of the technical school (On site plan)
· Computer Lab, MultiMedia Center and Library (On site plan)
· Senior High Boarding School (On site plan)
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